genre....: darkcore, industrial, acid
 type.....: liveset
 source...: line
 filetype.: mp3
 quality..: cbr/44.1khz/16bit/joint-stereo
 setting..: 320kbps
 encoder..: Lame 3.98r
 str date.: 27-05-2017
 playtime.: 59:32 min
 size.....: 136 MB

 Dark Impact Records show every 4th Monday 23-00 CEST on Gabber.fm Radio
 third episode with Low Entropy [Dark Impact / K-NeT / Doomcore / Legs Akimbo /
 Ende / Praxis / Threshold Driven and more]
 a true master in doomcore/darkcore/acid/techno/industrial vibes,
 that rappresent this time the label

 01. Low Entropy - Flicker
 02. Low Entropy - Pingpong
 03. Low Entropy - Doom Folk
 04. Low Entropy - Hamburg At Morning
 05. Low Entropy - Reverb Of Space
 06. Low Entropy - On Off
 07. Low Entropy - Arabian Techno
 08. Low Entropy - Hard Choir
 09. Low Entropy - Storm Of Doom
 10. Low Entropy - Emotion Rising


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